What is a MediaMagic Box

What is a MediaMagic Box?

Its a Android Mini Computer that we put all the best TV, Games & Music items to play with on your TV at home or Business!


  • Watch Movies from the theaters, or even unreleased Blu-Ray, DVD & Pay-Per-View films.
  • Watch Live TV, Sports & Shows from All over the world, in different languages!
  • Play Video Games from Nintendo up to Dreamcast, up to 4-Players and even ONLINE!
  • Download content and watch it from your phone or computer.
  • Surf the web, view your facebook, twitter, instagram, or chat online.
  • Watch and Download Music & Music Videos!
  • Download whatever you like from the Android Stores.

Its not just for watching movies, its for complete entertainment in your home for your family.

No need for Cable TV, PPV or the Movies if you can watch, what you want, when you want.

Forget Paying Hulu, Netflix, or any monthly service again for Movies and TV. Its yours free…

ON Demand.


We even give you access to Live Cable TV stations as a bonus!

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