NES MaxxGamer Lite Package


Why buy a NES Mini with 30 games for $60 bucks, when you can HAVE THEM ALL.

All the Games IN THE WORLD.

Including Prototypes, Unreleased, Homemade, Translated, Custom, Hacked and Demo roms!

Play them in 1080P and even 4K!

Play online with friends!

Use your Xbox, PlayStation or PC controllers to play!

Comes with Remote Control, power cables and HDMI Cable.



If you just want to to play the games with no extra frills, this is the box for you.

All the things you need to play NES with this box.

No Physical games to store, its all digital!

Buy new game packs for this system to play on the same box!

Plays up to Dreamcast games!

Not recommended for Gamecube, Wii or any newer system Sets.

Does not come with the Interactive Video Menu interface as the MaxxGamer Box.

Controller not included.



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